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Working with adults

Working with adults
Partly because we were not able to use all our development movement potentials when we were children, partly because of bad habits and incorrect concepts that we learned during our childhood and youth, our congenitally good coordination was continuously disrupted while we were growing up. It is quite possible that as adults we have lost a large part of our primary ease and harmony in all aspects of our movement, thought and feelings.

Additional problems occur due to the high demands and increased stress to which a large number of people are exposed in the demanding professions of modern life. This increasingly disrupts the proper use of our body, which causes various symptoms, such as problems with our locomotor system (tension, decreased mobility and pain), general dissatisfaction, depression, loss of purpose, stress, and loss of inner vitality.
Some professions are more exposed than others, due to complex body postures or repeated movements, and exposure to stress (for example, musicians, managers, IT experts, dentists, etc.).

We can present the example of a young German musician. He comes from a family of musicians and, from the time he was a child, he decided to become a cellist. In order to achieve this goal and become an excellent cellist, he practised every day and was determined to become even better. Thanks to his intense focus on success, he became a great virtuoso, but this, unfortunately, caused increasing pain in his arms and shoulders, so that eventually he was not able to play for longer than a few minutes.

It was lucky that there was an auxiliary course in Alexander Technique at his Academy. When he understood how much the Alexander Technique could help him, he decided, in parallel with his course of study (and later with this work in an orchestra), to complete training and become an Alexander Technique teacher.

By applying the Alexander Technique, he learned that with less force and effort, he could achieve much better results. The key moment in this retraining process was the awareness that his fixation on a goal was a huge obstacle which caused all his problems.

Naturally, his path of transformation was not at all simple. There were challenges, inner struggles, crises. Once they are acquired, bad habits are not easy to leave behind. In the beginning, he could not believe that if he used less effort while playing, his tone sounded better, contact with the audience was much more direct, and his emotions were more intense and more expressive. After repeated feedback from his colleagues, AT teachers and other students, he finally understood that his old ideas and learned perceptions were deceptive. He allowed new possibilities of playing to open up, without fixing on a goal, and this led him to unexpected new ease and freedom, not only when playing his instrument, but also in all other aspects of movement, thought and feelings in his life.

Today, he enjoys his work as a cellist in a big, renowned orchestra, and he also considers it important to spread his new knowledge gained through Alexander Technique classes to his colleagues and students of music.

In adults, the Alexander Technique can improve the coordination of the entire body, which was lost due to poor habits of movement, thought and feeling, or due to illness. This can ease and improve performance in all aspects of everyday life.

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