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Working with babies

Working with babies
Babies today do not lead the same life as in the past. They are often already exposed to stress in their mother’s womb, due to the mother’s fast way of life or sedentary habits, and other forced positions that mothers have to take in their professional lives.

Perhaps the primary reflexes in babies do not fully develop or are not fully integrated in the first months of the baby’s life, which means that they do not disappear as they should, and this disrupts the natural psychophysical balance.

Previously, not many accessories, such as carriers, were used for babies. These accessories, although safe and practical, disrupt the primary control (dynamic balance of the head in relation to the body). Children used to spend much more time in their homes and on the floor, and were less frequently, or almost never, carried in carriers and pushed in prams.

Baby accessories that are, unfortunately, often used in our modern world damage the children’s primary control and natural movement.

For example, in a curved carrier, the lumbar part of the baby’s spine is bent, and this potentially wrong position contracts, presses and bends the lumbar part of the spine. The lumbar part should maintain its length, width and flexibility, and the legs should bend from the hips, which are the joints predetermined for bending the legs. Thus, scoliosis (one-sided bending of the spine) or kyphosis (an abnormal rounding of the upper back) may appear in the first days of life.

If babies do not spend enough time on the floor, they cannot develop their coordination very well, gain a sense of their body in space, and they do not have the opportunity to reach an object by themselves, to develop rotation, crawling and creeping. The family’s wish to make the child sit and stand as fast as possible leads to babies being prematurely seated and put on their feet. Unfortunately, walkers are still frequently used in order to verticalize babies as soon as possible. If adults want and think that children are ready to sit and stand, this does not mean that babies are actually ready to be in a seated or vertical position.

Placing babies in certain positions too early, or by using accessories that are imposed as a necessity in today’s modern and fast way of life, often disrupts their primary control and does not allow them to develop within their naturally given psychophysical potentials.

In Alexander Technique classes, you can learn about what to pay attention to regarding both yourself and your child, so that he or she can psychophysically develop in a natural, easy and coordinated manner. You can also learn what to do to improve your child’s natural coordination and to open up new further development opportunities if the child has problems related to natural movement that have arisen either due to illness or due to improper handling.

Working with babies



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