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Andreja Tokić

Andreja Tokić
I am pleased to welcome you to the A.T. STUDIO website!

For twenty years, I have been working with children and adults with neurological and other health-related problems. As I am a senior physiotherapist, senior occupational therapist, and hippotherapist, I can observe the problems that a child or an adult has from different angles.

I am also an Alexander Technique teacher. Sometimes, due to congenital difficulties or acquired bad habits, we let our body acquire a bad posture, which then reflects on our overall coordination. By applying the Alexander Technique, and by working on the self in a more comprehensive and subtle manner, I change the persons with whom I work. This adds a special dimension, and specifically establishes better coordination, not just of the body, but of the emotions and the intellect as well.

This develops better self-awareness.

It is a great pleasure for me to be able to help your child from the earliest age, and through all the stages of development, to move and feel at greater ease in all his or her fullness, and to open new opportunities for your child to perform better in all his or her activities.

In addition, anyone with congenital or acquired problems leading to a bad posture, tension, stress, lack of concentration, difficulties with breathing and coordination can  work individually with me, or in groups with my team of Alexander Technique teachers.

If you feel that I can help you or your child, I look forward to meeting you both!

Thank you for visiting this site and we hope you will visit again!
Andreja Tokić



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